Friday, January 22, 2010


Reasons I love my Kindle:

1. No more finger cramps from holding my book open
2. Having the New York Times sent to me every morning.. and reading it ANYWHERE!
3. Buying a book the moment it is suggested to me.
4. Having my entire library with me when I travel

I love this little machine. I am usually resistant to all new forms of technology, but this has been borderline life changing. It is on my person at ALL times. Which is impressive considering I only have my cell phone on me about 30% of the time.

In order to show appreciation for my favorite electronic device, I have decided to sport it in a brand new outfit.

I found this little ditty on Etsy...... LOVE

AND it is only 14 dollars!

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  1. Three posts in two days? I am highly impressed! Love you and can't wait for our crafty date!