Friday, January 22, 2010

"Project Adulthood"

The last few years of my life has been a time of amazing changes and challenges. I graduated college, married the love of my life, got my masters degree, and started my first big girl job! Now that I have been through my first few years of official adulthood, I feel as though I am in a great place to stop and evaluate what I want to accomplish before the next big phase of my life (kids/house/etc.). So here my new "phase" resolutions! (at least the ones I will be keeping track of here)

1. Cook 1 new healthy recipe every week.

2. Be able to run for 40 minutes straight.

3. Commit to 1 non television centered date night with my hubby per week.

4. Recognize 1 thing I am thankful for every day

5. Read a book every 2 weeks

6. Being more assertive (hence the strangely aggressive blog title)

So.... here I go! Project adult commences...NOW!

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